Steps to infinitely scale without congestion


Sign in, add members, and set TPS threshold per chain


Direct all traffic and transactions to unified RPC URL provided


Relax while we scale your decentralized app to the moon 🚀🌖

Rollup as a Service

We give you the tools to host and scale your own private decentralized network without compromise, from fully on-chain games to transaction-intense DeFi apps, via our Rollup as a Service (Raas) Platform.

We make deploying private chains easy
Plugins for Days

We support L1<->L2 and L2<->L2 bridging, seeding, ticking, as well as injecting plugins on rollup creation as layered contracts for out-of-the-box features with secure scaling amid unpredictable TPS.

Enable Plugin
Plugin 1
Enable Plugin
Plugin 2
Enable Plugin
Plugin 3
Private & Secure

We recruit validators and take non-custodial approaches to key persistence, especially for critical roles like the Sequencer for Rollups, also ensuring you can self host and implement AuthN/AuthZ for any service (including your ZK-rollups) when needed.

private blockchain

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Copyright © 2023 Snapchain, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2023 Snapchain, Inc. All Rights Reserved.