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The Blockchain Factory

Leverage the power of ZK Rollups to scale your on-chain game or DeFi app cheaply and securely, without compromise.

Rollup as a Service

We give you the tools to host and scale your own private decentralized network without compromise, from fully on-chain games to transaction-intense DeFi apps, via our Rollup as a Service (Raas) Platform.

We make deploying private chains easy
Plugins for Days

We support L1<->L2 and L2<->L2 bridging, seeding, ticking, as well as injecting plugins on rollup creation as layered contracts for out-of-the-box features with secure scaling amid unpredictable TPS.

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Plugin 3
Private & Secure

We recruit validators and take non-custodial approaches to key persistence, especially for critical roles like the Sequencer for Rollups, also ensuring you can self host and implement AuthN/AuthZ for any service (including your ZK-rollups) when needed.

private blockchain

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Copyright © 2023 Snapchain, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2023 Snapchain, Inc. All Rights Reserved.